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 Samantha Thavasa / Samantha Tiara by VB

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PostSubject: Re: Samantha Thavasa / Samantha Tiara by VB   Sat Dec 15, 2012 5:18 pm


Press Articles :
If Britain really wants to increase its exports to Japan, it should send Victoria Beckham out here more often. The 30-year-old wife of soccer superstar David Beckham showed she has lost none of her appeal during a three-day visit last month during which she appeared at promotional events for her latest line of merchandise.
Tanned and in terrific shape, Beckham didn't look five months pregnant with her third child. "We hope to have enough children to start a soccer team," she joked upon her arrival at Narita airport from China, where she attended Shanghai Fashion Week. Then it was into a hectic schedule of fashion shows, talk shows in department stores and glittering receptions for Rock and Republic jeans, Samantha Thavasa (bags, jewelry and other accessories) and beauty-clinic operator TBC.
Beckham's newest project is her line of jeans for Rock and Republic, which is being sold exclusively at Mitsukoshi department stores. "I wear jeans all the time, so I wanted to create my own line," said the former Spice Girl, clad in maternity jeans. "I wanted something with a different wash, a jean that would have the Wonder Bra effect on your bottom. It's low at the front. The legs are fitted and skinny and very long. They flare at the bottom, so they look great with high heels. These are flattering, sexy jeans for women with confidence, personality and who feel good about what they are wearing."
Beckham said she chose Japan for the launch of her jeans because "I like the way Japanese women wear denim. Japan is the most fashionable place I have been to."
As part of the line, Beckham is also marketing knickers and T-shirts with messages such as Royal Pain in the Ass, Victoria Rocks Tokyo and Becks Is My Boy. "Everytime I work on a new line, I ask David his opinion as a man. Does it make my bum or boobs look sexy?"
Beckham said she is always overwhelmed at the reception she and her husband get in Japan. "David is obviously very popular with women out here," she said. Popular is an understatement. Until the South Korean boom eclipsed them this year, the Beckhams were by far the most popular celebrities in Japan. In the summer of 2003, when they made a joint trip to Japan, news media helicopters tracked their limousine all the way in from Narita to the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills, where they stayed. For the past year, they have appeared in several TV commercials, most notably one for TBC, in which they were shown cuddling up after a playful pillow fight. Their contracts with TBC, Meiji Seika chocolate company and other sponsors are said to be worth 500 million each

Victoria has worked closely with Japanese design label Samantha Thavasa for the past couple of years designing her own line of handbags 'Samantha Thavasa for VB'. Following the phenomenal success of the range Victoria recently visited Japan for the launch of her debut jewellery collection. The collection, only available in Japan, will include high-end luxury pieces As well as a more accessible range that women can wear every day, not just for those special occasions!

For more details, visit: www.samantha.co.jp

Bags :

2003 :

2004 :

2005 :

2006 :

Products :

Jewelleries :

Bags :

Wallets :

Japan Celebrity product endorsements :

A billboard adorned with a photo of British celebrity Victoria Beckham (wife of footballer David Beckham) advertising 'Samantha Thavasa' fashion products, in Omotesando district, in Tokyo, Japan, Friday, Oct. 27, 2006. It is not uncommon, within Japan, to see Western celebrities advertising products that they do not endorse elsewhere. It is also widely perceived that by advertising a Japanese product using a Western model then it lends the brand credibility and a sense of style :

Samantha Tiara :

British pop starlet Victoria Beckham adorns the wall of Ginza's Samantha Thavasa store in Tokyo, Japan on 21/08/2003. 2003

January 5th, 2006;

January 25th, 2006;

Now Victoria designs bags for her own brand :

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Samantha Thavasa / Samantha Tiara by VB
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