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 Transcript of the 'Glamour UK' interview (June 2007)

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Transcript of the 'Glamour UK' interview (June 2007) Empty
PostSubject: Transcript of the 'Glamour UK' interview (June 2007)   Transcript of the 'Glamour UK' interview (June 2007) EmptyThu Jul 30, 2009 4:34 am

I enjoyed doing that transcript; it's a great interview.

Interview done in 'Beckingham Palace' by Chrissy Iley.

About her new style :

"I looked too much like a footballer's wife with the hair extensions"

About her impending move :

"I'm actually excited. I'll miss my family and friends, but for us it's a new start. David is really looking forward to what he's going to be doing, and so are the kids because they love the idea of going to the beach for the day. Can't you just see Romeo as a surfer? But I will miss London. You get inspired just by watching people, sitting in a pub in Notting Hill. I don't think you get that anywhere other than London. I was talking to Tom Ford recently about my move and he said, 'Just promise me you're not going to change the way you dress.' So when I go out looking like a 1940s headmistress, they [LA locals] might look at me as if I'm odd."

About the "Entrepreneur of the year" award she won :

"It's fabulous to be winning this award. I never expected it. Recently, when I had a book signing in London, I said to my family, 'You have to come and bring a few disguises so you can buy a book and then go round and buy it again.' I thought no one was going to turn up. And it was ridiculous -thousands of people were there. They had to keep Selfridges open for an extra two hours; it was the biggest book signing they'd ever had."

About her NBC show :

"The show will be a cross between following me around and a fashion documentary. I don't want to do something like The Osbournes or Newlyweds. It's a new TV concept and we want it to be a surprise. Simon Fuller [her manager] said, 'I think a film crew should just follow you around because you're slightly eccentric and senile.' I said to David, 'Eccentric and senile? I'm really normal. And then when I watch myself back I realise that actually I'm eccentric and senile."

About fame :

"I don't feel the need to be famous any more, but fame has given me the tools to do what I really love. Whether it's perfume, sunglasses, jeans - I enjoy all of them. And for once I might have found something that I'm good at. I also enjoy that I'm taking a back seat and pushing David, supporting him."

About That Extra Half An Inch :

"I mean we only got about two pence and Lithuania is about as big as that coffee table, isn't it? But at least we beat The Da Vinci Code."

About Intimately Beckham perfume :

"They've already sold what they were hoping to sell in four years withing six months."

About her Samantha Thavassa products :

"It was a really good deal out there and I think we'll bring them here eventually. "

When asked if was there a definitive moment when people finally started to take her seriously as a designer :

"Well, I think I've got a long way to go for that. I'm at the bottom of the ladder and it's taken years to be taken seriously because of my background in the Spice Girls. But I'm grateful for the Spice Girls. It enabled me to do what I'm good at. I was never that great at singing or dancing and I've never been the best-looking person in the world. I've always had to work at that.

I do feel confident with this. I always thought I'd love to have my clothes in Fred Segal's in LA, Colette in Paris, Dover Street Market in London - so it was great when these stores started taking my produt. If you'd said to them two years ago, 'You're going to be stocking Posh Spice's stuff', they would have laughed because they're cool shops and I would never say that I am particularly cool.

About dVb denim :

"I went out to Canada and met with a company called Western Glove, which has been going for 64 years. It's a family business and they've made jeans for Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein. I got on really well with them and they use the best-quality denim. This range is going to be more fashion-y than my last collection. I've taken influences from young British designers, and I've uses luminous stiching and piping. All of the jeans are confortable, but the best thing about them is that they're too thight around the waist, you can get a muffin.

I've had three children. I might look all right in clothes, but I know I can get a muffin.

How are the arrangements for their new LA looking?

"When we moved to Spain it was a nightmare because we were living in a hotel, paparazzi everywhere. So this time I thought I'd go to LA first, find a house, get the kids into a school. I'll be the perfect mother hen. I thought. But do you know how stressful it is to get into these schools? I didn't sleep for two months. I had to have meetings, I had to be interviewed; the kids had to be inteviewed; I had to promise to make cupcakes, paint the new playing field and lunch with the mothers. It was so full-on. I even had to do the pencil skirt and blouse, trying to look perfect for the headmaster."

Do you think the Los Angeleans will get your sense of humour?

"Probably not. No one has yet." "If I was really bothered by what people think, I'd have slit my wrists a few years ago. I hope they like the TV show. I hope they like me. But if they don't, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it."

Are you as close as everyone says with the Cruises?

"I really like Katie; she's sweet and we speak on the phone about fashion and the kids - Suri has just started walking. We talk about what she's doing script-wise and she's helped me research the kids school. All this talk about a marriage crisis with them is as true as a marriage crisis with us. People just don't want to believe that they're nice people and that they're happy together. Just like people don't want to believe that about us."

About Jennifer Lopez.

"I really like her. She's a lovely girl and has been so supportive - she's been wearing my sunglasses. I don't know if I would say that she's a close friend. I'm always quite careful. At 33 years old, are you likely to make another close friend? I suppose I might meet with some mums from the school, but I think those are acquaintances. My real friends are the ones I went to school with. My best friend Marie Louise, who is my make-up artist, I've known since I was three years old. I'm friendly but I'm not planning on making lifetime new best friends. I'm not one to make close, close friends. There are very few people I could ring and say I've got terrible period pains. In fact, no one other than my mum and Marie-Louise."

About what the press writes about her.

"I think we really went through it when we first moved to Spain. It's long in the past now and we've learnt so much. If you pay attention to everything you read you'll end up like everyone else, in the Priory. Or you just go 'Fuck it!' I'm incredibly blessed with my husband and my children and I don't need to be bogged down with what people write. What people write in some magazines is very contradictory : 'She's about to die because she's so thin! She's about to have a baby!' That's why I keep myself to myself. I've got David, I've got the kids. That's all I need."

Being grounded.

"I still come home and want to go to Marks & Spencer with my mum."

What kind of boss is she?

"I'm a perfectionist who gives 100%. I'll start work at 5am and finish at one the following morning. I dot all the Is and cross all the Ts. Nothing goes out until I'm 100% happy. I do expect a lot from people, but I'm fair, fun and friendly."

What's the one thing she's the most proud of - her book, her perfume, her jeans?

"There isn't one overall thing because I've done them all from scratch. Even the perfume - I designed the bottle, the label that went on it, the logo, and I enjoyed it. Those two years when I was in Spain supporting David when everyone was thought I was scratching my arse and said, 'What does she do?' Well, I was working on all of these things. There's been a lot of ground work - it hasn't happened overnight."

"I first started working on the perfume when I was pregnant with Romeo. Coty would comes to me with ideas, but if I didn't like them I would redo everything myself. I can't sleep if I'm not 100% sure about something. I sleep with a notepad by my bed because I always wake up in the night thinking about things."

Would it be fair to say she's a workaholic?

"Well I'm lucky : I can do a lot of work from home because my priority is always David and the children. I know it would be easier to go to LA for two weeks, but I would rather go back and forth and suffer the jet lag because I don't want to leave them. Predominantly, I'm a mother. I'm also strict about the kids having time off school - they can only come with me if they're on school holiday. As a result I have nice, well-behaved children who love each other. They are all funny, smiley children and very differnt from each other. Brooklyn loves swimming, football and tennis. He can turn his hand to any sport. The other day he watched these kids playing baseball and he wanted to have a go and he just did it. He's a natural. Romeo likes guitars, wants to sing and be a rock star, although he's good at football too. Cruz is only two, but I think he's a footballer. He beats the other two up and he's very clever with a perfect vocabulary."

Is she broody for the next one?

"If we weren't moving to America I might think about it sooner, but I've got so much to sort out there with the house and settling the family. If I was living here and I had my mum and my sister down the road then maybe. Also, when I'm pregnant I tend to stop working. I get very self-conscious and want to hide. I'm not one of these, 'Look at me, I'm pregnant!' people. I just want to feather my nest. At the moment I couldn't cope with any more children. Although they're very well-behaved, the three boys are full-on."

Aside from the move, what's next in the grand business plan?

"We've got a new perfume coming out, Intimately night, for which the pre-orders are double what they were for Intimately Beckham. My new bottle is gorgeous - purple and gold. And we've done candles as well. I'm also doing a line of skincare for Japan that might be developed for the European market, and I'm going to start working on a tailored line of clothing. At some point I'll do men's denim and children's denim - all in good time."

If she had to choose someone to be the icon for the brand, who would it be?

"I'd probably use someone who smiles in public a lot more than myself, [she laughs] I don' know about celebrities. I think you get fantastic recognition intially, but I'm not sure how it works for the brand in the long un. And this is not something I'm in for a year or two. I'm going to be doing this in 30, 40, 50 years' time."

What advice would she give a person starting their own business?

"Don't ever sell out. Be a perfectionist and don't put yourself in a position where you can't do what you want to do."

Transcript of the 'Glamour UK' interview (June 2007) Poshbeauty
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Transcript of the 'Glamour UK' interview (June 2007) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Transcript of the 'Glamour UK' interview (June 2007)   Transcript of the 'Glamour UK' interview (June 2007) EmptyThu Jul 30, 2009 8:56 am

Thanks a lot Shiraz.
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Transcript of the 'Glamour UK' interview (June 2007)
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