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 photoshoot & interview for The New York Times (august 22nd)

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photoshoot & interview for The New York Times (august 22nd) Empty
PostSubject: photoshoot & interview for The New York Times (august 22nd)   photoshoot & interview for The New York Times (august 22nd) EmptyThu Aug 22, 2013 10:20 pm


photoshoot & interview for The New York Times (august 22nd) Opa542photoshoot & interview for The New York Times (august 22nd) 2iohkx

Photograph : Juergen Teller.
Makeup : Lotten Holmqvist at Julian Watson Agency using M.A.C.
Hair : Tina Outen at Streeters.
Where : at VB's offices in Battersea, south London.
Wearing : baggy, oversize boyfriend-y jeans suspended above her super-slim hips by little more than a casual canvas belt and a prayer.
work outfit : all in black : slouchy Isabel Marant trousers, a skimpy sleeveless silk top, a Balenciaga leather jacket and a pair of towering leopard-print stilettos.

Quotes :

"I’m sorry — I’ll be looking after her while we do this"

"Harper and I went to the park this morning and picked daisies, but she didn’t quite understand that to make daisy chains you need to leave some of the stem on"

“I want to reach as many women throughout the world as I can,” she said. “There are more categories that I want to enter into. I have five categories at the moment. But at some point I would love to do shoes, I would love to do fragrance, I would love to do makeup, I would like to do underwear. There are so many things I want to do.”

“I am very career minded, and I think my personality is more suited to America,” she said. “I am a working mum.”

“I’m involved in everything,” she said.

Lunch — corn soup followed by a salad of greens and fruit for Beckham; sushi for Beckham’s assistant and me; and a fruit platter for everyone — was prepared and served by a chef. “You are going to think this is real — this is what I get every day!” Beckham said. But it is not, apparently. “Chris” — that is the chef — “comes in a couple of days a week and might make a giant lasagna so I can put it in the freezer and then do it myself,” Beckham said. “David does the cooking.”

David does the cooking? “Yes, he’s really good,” his wife said. When David was playing soccer in Italy a few years ago, she explained, the family was living in L.A., and he was left alone on his days off. “So he decided to go to culinary school.”

She says he is a hands-on father, just as she is a hands-on mother.

Beckham said that she has never missed a birthday, and that it is important to her to keep the children grounded and unspoiled. Both she and David come from close, hard-working families: David’s father was a gas-company engineer, and hers was an electrical wholesaler. She contrasted her attitude toward that of some of their friends in L.A.

“We have what I consider to be normal birthday parties,” she said. “I’ve been to parties in L.A. that are mind-blowing. I mean, quite literally mind-blowing. People get cellphones in the party bag, that sort of thing. Fabulous, fabulous parties. Ours aren’t like that. They are normal kids’ parties. We’ll have a bouncy castle, a face painter.”

“Normally in a fashion shoot you’d be plastered in makeup, in amazing clothes,” she said. “I find it embarrassing when you don’t look like yourself, when you’ve had tons of retouching.”

“I dunno,” she said, when asked about the no-smiling phenomenon. “I smile in family pictures.” Perhaps, she mused, the reputation she got for being moody during the Spice era stuck. Also, she said, “When you’re in a position to be paparazzi-ed just walking down the street, you’d look a little daft if you were smiling all the time.”

She says she is relaxed about how she looks in pictures. “I don’t want to be made to look like I’m 25,” she said. “I’m 39. I don’t have any issues with my age.” That is what she said, at least. But she fretted a bit before the session, and as Teller prepared to take her picture she asked — jokingly, but not — that he go easy on her wrinkles

She declined the suggestion to include a plate of grapes or some such in the picture. “We don’t want anyone to know I eat,” she said. “Why ruin that?”

“You know, we don’t look at it as a big brand,” she said. “It is, but it happened very, very naturally. It seems that now everybody wants to make a brand; everybody wants to build a brand. Ours happened very organically.” And then she said: “The most important thing is each other and the children.”

“I just wanted to create beautiful clothes, good quality clothes I wanted to wear myself,” she said. “And then I wanted to create handbags, because I couldn’t find the right handbag that I wanted to carry. Then I couldn’t find the right sunglasses, so I decided to make my own sunglasses.”

There is no stopping her. “I want to get bigger and bigger,” she said. “I absolutely want an empire.”

photoshoot & interview for The New York Times (august 22nd) Poshbeauty
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photoshoot & interview for The New York Times (august 22nd)
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