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 Por Amor Forums Rules!!

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PostSubject: Por Amor Forums Rules!!   Por Amor Forums Rules!! EmptyWed Nov 22, 2006 8:16 pm

To our members and guests :

1. Respect the rules you read when you register here.

2. Be nice when you talk about Victoria, this is a fan forum. I don't want negative people here. So if you're not a real fan of Victoria, don't even bother to come here.

3. Respect other members opinions and show a TOTAL respect to admins and moderators. Do not discuss with them any decision they took or make fun of them or attack them or anything from that. Because if you do you'll get yourself banned and without any further notice.

4. Posts that I will judge very negative, offensive or pure trash will be deleted. So remember I have the right to edit or delete any post I'll think have to be edited or deleted. If you don't agree with these rules leave these forums now.

5. Use thumbnails for the pictures you post unless the picture is very tiny.

6. Check the forums to see if there is not already a similar topic of the one you're going to post. Don't post the same pictures or any contents another member already posted.

7. Don't chat inside topix go to the chit-chat forum for that. So don't go off-topic. OTs in the Victoria sections are NOT allowed. Anything not Victoria related belongs to the Chit-Chat forum.

8. Don't bump OLD topix.

9. Do not post the Beckhams children pictures or a link containing pictures or videos of them. Do not put their pictures in your avatars or signatures either.

10. Requesting pictures of the Beckhams children is totally forbidden, even if they are with their parents or anyone else.

11. Discussions about the Beckhams children are totally forbidden. Do not mention them at all. This forum is only about Victoria.

12 :

a. Please if you choose to post pix or news in other forums don't re-post them again here and vice versa. Except for the polls you can post them twice if you want or if it's something really special or necessary.

b. Don't post stuff that being posted in other forums. I mean with that don't copy and past every single post from another forum here. Here we post stuff we found, we're not moving the contents of another forum in this one.

13. Do not post any of the contents of this forum somewhere else. (people who did until now were banned). But you can post link topics from here of course.

14. Taking pictures from here to full your forum or website will lead to an immediate ban.

15. PM me if there is any problem. ;) or report to me posts you think are not respecting the rules by clicking on this button Por Amor Forums Rules!! Icon_report that is above each post. Btw, no solicitation of any kind will be tolerated. That includes messenging other members to join your site/forum. This will lead to an IMMEDIATE ban.

16. Putting links of a forum or site in your signature is forbidden for the moment. You can't come to promote any forum or site here, don't talk about any other forums or sites here unless I'm ok with it. Signatures or posts not respecting these rules will be removed.

17. When you register here, you have to post something or present yourself in the chit-chat forum; otherwise your account will be deleted. Members with 00 posts are deleted.

18. Alias members will get them self banned from here without any further notice.

If you break any of these rules, you'll be banned without any further notice.

P.S 1 : 3 warnings = Ban

Sorry for people who aren't able to join at the moment but I usually activate people I know.

Por Amor Forums Rules!! Poshbeauty
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Por Amor Forums Rules!!
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